Eight years have gone by. When I left Minnesota in 2007, my entire life had fallen apart. I was 20 and broken-hearted, with RSI-ridden wrists, poor social skills, and what I didn't recognize as a case of major depression and anxiety.

Sometime in 2009, I began going to therapy and unraveling my head and the trauma leftover from a narcissistic mother, a violent brother, and my own seclusion throughout middle school. I learned to stop trying to take on the weight of my surrounding world. I learned how to work in data centers. From Virginia, I began to move and move again, moving first to Washington State, traveling to Brazil from there, moving to the San Francisco Bay Area for a few months, living in Portland for years, and now, returning to near an ancestral root in Boston.

Here in the fall light, I've gone to Burning Man three times. I operate a camp that talks about existential risk and tarot. I'm an administrator on Everything2, where most of my writing lives on under the nom de plume of Auspice. For work, I now orchestrate teams across the world in building, operating, and improving the Internet.

In the morning, I open the windows, and the sea breeze comes in, and I can scarcely remember what it was like to be twenty years old and afraid of the entire world.


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