Written after thinking about the idea of publishing small chapbooks full of spells, as opposed to the usual all-inclusive religion book which tends to involve lectures on morality, the obligatory Standard Wiccan Rituals, poorly-researched bits of mythology, and a few useful scraps one can adapt.

It's a pity there's not a market, I could make a tidy sum off of things like this.

spells - ten a dozen
ruled paper, blue and
white. pomegranate seeds
at midnight. black ribbons
around doorknobs. perfect
rhyming, each metaphor
select. only quality.
promises nothing, snake
oil with spidery runes
handwritten benedictions
silver-plated good fortune
hail mari of the storms, jesus
christ of the cross, spirits
in the wire - demons in
poorly-copied pentagrams

ten a dozen, gilded covers -
scented with frankincense, wrapped.
cheap imitation silk, cheap
art store ribbon - benedictions
cheap, and moral free.

this one is stamped with shells
and tassels, this one is black,
unadorned. this one will bring
faltering lovers home, this one
for summoning things unnamed.

snake oil, be sure - immoral,
but dreaming - just a dozen. no
advice, no star-signs, no bowing to
pagan gods - merely ten a dozen -
each one hand-scribed - and signed,
sealed - delivered. ten a dozen
and nothing more.


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