haruspex: babylon (Sad Hitler)
( Mar. 11th, 2007 02:43 pm)
Okay, I'm fond of a couple of Firefox extensions. I like BugMeNot, and the weather plugin is admittedly neat.

But none of these are essential. None. I don't want or need Firefox to make my buttons show up in various colors. I don't need a ruler. I really don't need or want to have to insert my own Javascript applications. Thunderbird already shows me that I've got new mail; Gmail changes the page title to reflect how many messages are in the inbox.

Firefox doesn't need an FTP client; you use software for that.

Honestly, a lot of this stuff is just gratuitous, and probably slowing down Firefox to boot. What's next, a text editor plugin? Is it that much effort to open another program, or god forbid, switch between tabs?

EDIT: I also found this piece of tripe. I can't even decide where to begin ripping this a new one.


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