Achieved lucidity for what seemed like a long time. I "woke up" after going to sleep in the room I grew up in, with the walls warping strangely, in a nightgown that's been gone for just as long. And I realized quite calmly that I was dreaming, and should be able to affect reality through my will.

For reasons that escape me, I started building an egregore with a watercolor brush, something I could pass from dream to dream. I'd get one translucent layer of how it looked painted in air, turn to another part... and the first part would fade away. After a while, I was chanting and painting and invoking, and the strange moment of dream-awareness fell away with the room.

The Mall of America had become a maze.

And it was a very strange maze. The bottom and second floors were partially taken over by forests and park land, with an immense lake where Camp Snoopy should have been. Massive trees were laid out here and there, apparently ripped whole from the ground. Around the edges of the green area, the metal and glass of elevators and escalators rose up to abandoned floors. I walked with another person, but didn't see their face... maybe the egregore from the previous part of the dream?

I went up an elevator, and came out in a maze that appeared to be made out of old rooms in a Victorian mansion. The backs of closets gave way to grimy passageways, entire sections of drawers pushed back into other rooms... someone else was looking for me in a game of hide-and-go-seek, but they couldn't find the entrances to the rooms, or hear me moving around behind the partitions. Eventually they left. Finally, the dream faded into the strange mix of a summer and boot camp in which I was searching for my uniform. (I didn't find it. I did, however, find a karate gi in my size.)


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