I don't seem to be sleeping well lately. As opposed to the usual pattern of getting one nightmare every few months that scares the living shit out of me, I've been having disturbing dreams pretty much every night for five days now. On the slightly brighter side, none of these are the really horrendous nightmares I've had before. In most of them, I seem to be a passive observer, or, if I'm a participant, I seem to be acting rather like the puppet of the people around me.

This is fairly disturbing, mind you, but it's comparatively less bad.

Last night's dream actually had an intriguing twist to it. After the section where I was a puppet, I was watching a vast section of ice. All of a sudden, a tall Jamaican man comes into view, dragging a sledge after him. It seems to contain many body parts. He pulls everything up to a round hole in the ice, and begins frantically tossing the parts in. As I watch, a tribal group is attracted by his frenzied movements, and stares at him. He's screaming loudly at them to go away, as apparently the bodies have some sort of plague. As I watch, he empties the sledge, shoves it into the hole in the ice, sits down on the edge of the hole, and slips into it. The last thing I see before waking up is him staring up at me out of the ice.

This wasn't disturbing, but I'd sure like to know where my brain is going with this.

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I'm hoping that none of it is. Especially since the coincidences between my dreams and reality keep increasing.

Speaking of which, I caused Karl to laugh his ass off yesterday... I noted with some irritation that my net handle in some circles is Cassandra. He didn't stop laughing for five minutes.


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