(revisiting an old character... bit of a study.)

It is said that we are blessed and anointed by the Old Blood - blessed to walk side by side, to be addressed as equals by the Widow Blood. Legend says that the Emperor first set his hand upon a favored byblow on a peasant wench, and gave her as a gift to the first Widow. A gift buying fealty, no doubt, for the Widow Blood traces back to perhaps the rebel states that the Emperor brought under the Mountain Throne.

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"If you listen at night, when the black of the sky stretches on forever, when the stars shine like the diamonds in your Maman's necklace, you can hear them."

"Hear who, Grandmama?" Delilah would ask, her feet drumming against the wood shingles of the porch. As if in counterpoint, the chirping of insects sang in the woods that covered Pratchett's Peak, and her mother's loom went thump-thump from the window in the second story.

"The music of the spheres, child." Grandmama Sara would reply, and like that, the old woman would creak off the rocking bench of the porch, and they'd be up the path, away from the bright light of Hollow House and walking towards the cliff that looked over the valley. "When I was a child, my mother would tell me how her grandfather made great rockets that sent them into the stars. And now, they spin around and round us."

"Like tops on a floor!" Delilah would exclaim, for this was her favorite story, about the singing spheres in the sky. "Spinning around and around us. And they never fall down, because of..."

"Gravity!" And Grandmama Sara would stomp her foot on the ground, and Delilah would squeal and clap. "There's so much of it here, it keeps them bouncing 'round the world, just like we bounce around the Sun!"

"And the moon an' the Earth."

"Right!" With a tap on the nose, Grandmama would whirl her around to sit down on the edge of the cliff. "Sit here, and listen well."

And Delilah sat, with Grandmama Sara barely breathing beside her, stretching her ears past insects and the occasional coyote howls in the woods, and listened with all her might, hearing past the bump-bump of her heart and the song came, high and tinny in her ears, like the stars squeezed it almost thin enough to cut out in static here and there.
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