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( Sep. 8th, 2008 12:07 am)
I have six days off coming up beginning Thursday, and it's criminal not to do anything with them. I'm leaning heavily towards going to Philly, putting blue streaks in my hair, and potentially getting a tattoo. Suggestions for salons, bricks, places to hang out and/or crash are welcome. Strong warnings regarding not going to Camden already applied from [livejournal.com profile] cipherpunk.

(note: I need to be back in Virginia by Sunday evening to give my uncle a ride to the airport, but I should probably only be out of ambit for two to three days anyhow.)
Still on night shift, although this upcoming week may be my last week of the year. The count for months spent working various shifts overnight is at five, which means that unless I request it, I'm likely to be kept on days until sometime next spring. Then again, when spring comes, I may be in an entirely different position with the company. Hard to tell. The smell of politics is particularly intense this fall, and it isn't all from the elections.

I've put in for vacation over October 16th-22nd, and will be spending the 17th-21st of that, hopefully, in Washington State. Depending on whether or not I get my act together by then, I may have a Ruger Mk.II along with me.


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