A rare public post - going to be moving my journal back towards posting more openly as a lot of the drama from the past three to four years, family and otherwise, is pretty much obsolete. Or should be. But I'm not getting into that.

cut for spirituality that may not interest folks )

It's been an amazing year, overall, and despite work kicking my ass 40-60 hours at a time, I've had a damn good time. I've gotten out of state, (and will hopefully have excuse - Bueller? to go wandering again before year end), saw most of my friends (including some I rarely see and some I'd never met before), and saw strange and wonderful new things. Learned strange and wonderful new things. Some of that is what I'm capable of. Some of it is limits - figuring out where I'm still human, where I can stand to grow more, things I shouldn't do. (Such as working 70 hour weeks. I can do it. But it's not a good plan.)

I'm also coming to the point where I have choices, which is a strange and novel experience. Up until now, I've done pretty much what I've had to do to stay afloat and keep moving. Now that I've got more independence - travelwise, financialwise, jobwise - it's becoming an interesting question of what I want to do in two years, five years, ten years. Do I stay with Amazon? Do I move west? Do I remain in DC? Do I take up someone's offer and go for Google? Do I buy land in WV and build Yurtville, Population: Me + n# of cats?

And in the middle of this, we've got deaths in the family, work (always), and studying, friends, projects, new books, new things to learn. Life goes on.

We'll see how it goes.

Options! I have options.
It's a Friday evening in Ashburn. I'm sitting at my computer after a day off filled with MUD playing (Lusternia), sporadic reading (Solaris manual), and a trip to the gun range with a couple of folks RS knows. My wrists have finally healed, as evidenced by my ability to shoot a Glock 9mm pistol and Ruger Mk. II for a fair while, stopping only to refill clips and reload the gun. No pesky wrist pain.

Heat lightning and actual lightning are going off all around, but there's a lack of rain. It's warm and balmy. Next week, the contract ends. In a week or two, I acquire a new laptop, a Powerbook G4 with a dead hard drive. Soon I will have my own Ruger. Later tonight, there will be plum wine, and perhaps some more LaVey pastiche for Lusternia's aspiring evil overlords.

It's halfway through the year and I've achieved almost all of my resolutions.

Damn good year.


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