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( Jan. 17th, 2007 03:17 am)
Mac servers are sleek, beautiful machines that are incredibly easy to set up, comparatively speaking. Their rack equipment, on the other hand, is a bloody pain in the ass.

Small fingers are very, very handy for working in cages.

Always keep a camp stool in a cage if you anticipate spending longer than an hour in the enclosure with your equipment. The cement floor is cold and unforgiving.

You will not have enough caffeine to keep you going for longer than four hours. Nor will you have room or a space to keep them refrigerated. Down as many glasses or bottles of your preferred poison as possible before heading in: no matter how cool they're keeping the center, you'll need it.

Permissions mean jack shit when you're right on top of the server.

ps -ax and dig are your friend.


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