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( Mar. 6th, 2007 04:28 pm)
Just hopped downstairs to check the mail, and found a slip from the local post office, telling me that they missed me on Saturday. The zip code on the package is 55420... my computer finally showed up! And unlike the last package, there's nothing about the contents being damaged.

Also in the mailbox was my A+ paperwork... two certificates and a flimsy paper card that I'm probably going to get laminated.

Other things of note... went to a party in Maryland on Saturday and spent most of the evening chatting with folks about fixing computers, contracting work, and Second Life, although I wandered off for the latter of the three. It's a miracle I'm into online gaming or MUDs at all... Second Life holds no attraction for me. On the other hand, I met some cool folks, and managed to not lurk in the corner for extended periods of time, which is more than I can usually say about parties. I also dummied up some chocolate-covered cheesecake balls for the party, which proved to be a bit too rich for most people to handle more than once around. I'm told that I need to make them smaller.

A recipe is forthcoming.

Sunday was spent driving up to P&P's farm, meeting them and their son, meeting the snake (I've been promised pictures... huge, lovely python. I need to get a snake... something small to prepare me for owning a ball python), meeting the dog (Newfie/Border Collie mix. His head ECHOED), and getting a new power adapter for Leo. Pete of P&P also took Leo apart and plugged the ribbon cable for Leo's monitor in more securely, which should eliminate the weird display problems I've been having. Leo's been functioning a lot happier since then... the keyboard isn't sticking or missing keystrokes as often, and even the boot process seems to move a lot quicker. Perhaps I missed the dead chicken he waved over things.

The remaining cheesecake ball was left with P&P, and then RS and I went down to Purcelville to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] madbodger and [livejournal.com profile] fizzygeek for a late lunch. Food was consumed, evil landlords were mentioned, and general nattering was had over some very good Mexican.

This week, I need to optain some decent dress boots for work (not Army boots. yet.), meet with SuprTek on Friday, adjust my schedule for getting up at 5 AM (ew), and test the new transit arrangements. Oh, and hopefully take the Server+ certification test, too.

Next week? I work!


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