wrath comes bearing lilies in the
green-wrapt dawn, wings bronze against a
newborn sky - blue lilies, crowned in
emeralds. before mine eyes - revelation.
"set up thy altar" she commands, "set up
ten thousand altars in My name and hold
all before Me. in wormwood be betrayed,
redeemed and cast in shadow - in doubt,
be sanctified. in My name, be praised."

she dissolved with dawn, wings coral
against an absinthe-strewn dawn, ivory
filaments against the green of sea and
foam salty upon my lips - "drink of Me
and be redeemed" - and in every corner
was wrought the smallest sign - a book,
a stone. a half-burnt candle, perfume
for wrists - a pendant hung from the
curving corner - masks upon the windowpane.

"come man, come" she cried, Desire, and
ordered Her altar be set with ginkgo
leaves and roses "let him come, let him
come" - a canvas strewn with petals and
candles and Her fair face - and miracles
were begot in the washroom, in the corner,
within the halls of learning - a thousand
tiny gods who gave praise to Her name. and
so it was again. "come!" She cried, and so
it was.

her wings were not of which I speak but
emerald, seafoam, verdigris, absinthe-stricken
I gazed - but sober too, for She cried out to
my victory - "come, daughter, come" and raised
me up, bade me drink of Her cup - and then the

nothing more.


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