Yeah, about that dayshift thing...

I stayed up most of yesterday, till about 1730, when I took a dose of melatonin and promptly conked out, only to wake up around 0200 with a headache and a distinct craving for brownies. This was followed by spending the day at home. About fourty-five minutes ago, I took a dose of melatonin and crawled into bed, content in the knowledge that I would wake up fully calibrated for working days.

And then S, the younger of my three managers called.

"Uh, yeah, K has to go out of town to do this project, so we need someone to cover nights for the next two weeks... how do you feel about working next week?"

Which is how I find myself wide awake and twitchy now, while I fight the sedatives and exhaustion. I wonder how long it takes 3mg of melatonin to wear off? Google has failed me.


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