Spent 4+ hours this afternoon dreaming about a lecture on a nonexistent religion that appeared to be both somewhat animist and divided up into castes depending on various crafts and their relation to the natural world. I'm sure this would have been much more interesting had it not gone into excruciating detail on the composition of various temple garments. There are many things I am interested in. Textile creation is not one of them.
Dropped into a situation in the dream that took me off guard - I was to be catching a plane the very next day to go work a contract in Los Angeles, and was in a panicked rush to get everything taken care of. I ended up with two light pieces of luggage for what was supposedly a very long trip, and then ended up rushing around Dulles Airport getting tickets, checking luggage, and going through the security checkpoint, which was worked by a friend who wasn't supposed to be there. I don't recall asking him why he was there. (Although he did ask ME why I was there, which I thought was rather odd.)

When it was all said and done, the tickets had a misprint - 5AD as opposed to IAD for the airport code - but it didn't mattered, since I barely made it onto the plane before the door was shut, and ended up having to sit with the stewardess. Oops.
Not much remembered in this dream besides running and hiding, and worming my way up to the pod-like top of a flowstone tower that overlooked a river and an immense industrial complex that was painted mostly in a bright color of orange. Many dark and shadowy places in the dream, but really, it was relatively pleasant, from what little I can remember. Especially considering all the running and hiding.
Dreams last night were oddly fragmented and not along the usual subjects. I haven't dreamt of Minneapolis or any alternate versions thereof for a few months now. I guess my subconscios is working on finding another common topic.

more of fragments than a coherent dream log, really )
real horror show )
a labyrinth of trees )
when you strip out the lumber )
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( Nov. 23rd, 2006 10:47 am)
Vivid dreams last night. All of the dream segments took place at night, in a large forest surrounding a power plant of some sort. I was attending a large, roving party of people. We followed a set of audio equipment rigged on wheeled dollies. In the dream, we were celebrating the end of the world: at one point, I recall doing a fusion bellydance up against a chain-link fence with spotlights everywhere. The power-plant, of course, was empty.

On a tangent not related to my dreams, I found this whilst surfing about idly. Giant squid!
nifty scenery in this one )
I felt like a disembodied watcher in this... )
I don't seem to be sleeping well lately. As opposed to the usual pattern of getting one nightmare every few months that scares the living shit out of me, I've been having disturbing dreams pretty much every night for five days now. On the slightly brighter side, none of these are the really horrendous nightmares I've had before. In most of them, I seem to be a passive observer, or, if I'm a participant, I seem to be acting rather like the puppet of the people around me.

This is fairly disturbing, mind you, but it's comparatively less bad.

and then there was this bit. )
Lots of vivid dreams last night - probably my subconcious degaussing itself after a particularly stressful period. At any rate, they all seemed to exist in roughly the same dream reality. Here's what I remember.

winter in my dreams )
fever makes for interesting dreams )
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( Aug. 13th, 2006 10:54 am)
Woke up from a slow, pleasant dream to a heavy summer rain. Despite the fact that my entire body aches in odd places (despite the lack of the guerilla shrining project. wtf, body?), I'm in a wonderful mood this morning. I've found two or three more places that I'd like to move into, obtained newer and better bedclothes (in the festive color of my tribe, no less), and I've got a new collection of Rumi's poetry. On mornings like this, it feels like the entire world's been washed clean and restored to balance.
Nightmaring, more like it. Next time I'll force myself to wake up... I feel almost as bad now as if I'd just been up all night. Time to hang the dreamcatcher up again, along with some cold iron... pacify the subconciousness. I've still got the nail from my creek expedition, that should do nicely.

And I need to remember to never eat what I ate right before bedtime last night. I think this is the worst nightmare I've had in ages. If I weren't so sleep-deprived and angry, I'd probably be a lot more appreciative.
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( Feb. 25th, 2006 02:27 pm)
So now I apparently get a Makarov when I'm having nightmares. Hopefully I can handle the zombie convention dream a little bit better when it comes around this year. Russian munitions are a girl's best friend?
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( Jun. 18th, 2005 10:59 am)
I dreamed last night that Otter and Momhen were talking about me, or to me. I was gathering up runes out of a split open bag, and trying to carry them all in my hands.

I remember Otter saying, "That time will come soon now."

Momhen sounded like an echo, and I don't think I actually saw her. I was more concerned with gathering up the runes and following Karl out into the back woods.

And then I woke up.


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