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( May. 6th, 2007 12:14 am)
Memory x2
Hard drive
Burner and CD Drive

This is a project for a month or two from now, to replace my current desktop, Constantine. So far, the price is hovering around $450-$500 for the entire setup, depending on what I include or leave out. Can probably safely assume adding on $100-$200 for a decent LCD monitor.

Any recommendations for cheaper/ better parts gladly accepted. Especially if it's a faster processor/ better motherboard.
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( Mar. 11th, 2007 02:43 pm)
Okay, I'm fond of a couple of Firefox extensions. I like BugMeNot, and the weather plugin is admittedly neat.

But none of these are essential. None. I don't want or need Firefox to make my buttons show up in various colors. I don't need a ruler. I really don't need or want to have to insert my own Javascript applications. Thunderbird already shows me that I've got new mail; Gmail changes the page title to reflect how many messages are in the inbox.

Firefox doesn't need an FTP client; you use software for that.

Honestly, a lot of this stuff is just gratuitous, and probably slowing down Firefox to boot. What's next, a text editor plugin? Is it that much effort to open another program, or god forbid, switch between tabs?

EDIT: I also found this piece of tripe. I can't even decide where to begin ripping this a new one.
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( Mar. 7th, 2007 09:26 pm)
So. Icarus, my main desktop, just got here.

And it won't boot. The light on the motherboard comes on when it's plugged in, but zilch happens when I hit the power button. I've eliminated the memory as the issue - tomorrow I'm going to try swapping in a new power supply from a junkbox and see if that works.

Meanwhile, the Dell box my Uncle Carlos gave me is throwing consistent errors on the Ubuntu installation. Testing it with known different memory yields the same results. Best guess is that the CPU or the motherboard itself is fried. Otherwise... tomorrow I work on getting Icarus up and running. Failing that, I've got an awful lot of spare parts to attach to a shiny new motherboard... once I've got the cash to lay my paws on a good one, that is.

EDIT: This is a minor rant on Linux forums. When somebody posts about a bug they've found, includes plenty of detail, uses correct grammar and spelling, and is otherwise not an asshat, you do NOT reply with either a) a statement that they somehow screwed it (whatever that may be) up, or b) a question requesting clarification on how the original poster screwed up. I mean, Christ, people. There's no need to leap down some poor newbie's fault because they haven't been using X variant of *nix since the Dark Ages and don't have a particularly esoteric bit of knowledge.

Hulk smash asshats.

EDIT the Second: "Why don't you edit X system file, you clueless idiot?" is ALSO not an appropriate answer. I haven't seen this much newbie bashing since I quit a particular online game.


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