I can't go into much detail, but this was a much better day than I thought it would be for a large variety of reasons. I went to visit the botanical garden, and took pictures of orchids and birds of paradise, then headed over to the Capitol with Dad for a short tour. Lots of nifty art stuff inside of it, and it's thankfully empty on Sundays. Took no pictures... I can see it all online, and I plan to go back for free when I have the time.

Anyway, gist of the good news is that I may not be in Minnesota much longer. Somebody has made me a series of offers I really can't refuse... and Maryland is beautiful. So is Virginia. In fact, I really like this end of the world... can see why Dad's so dead set on moving back.

Took lots of great pictures, had a lower key day, updating from the house of one of Dad's friends. The computer is slow, the internet is fast, and I can access LJ.

Three posts of a decent length in one day. It's a new record. : )
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( Feb. 19th, 2006 10:24 am)
Typing this real quick before I head out to look at orchids at the Botanic Garden Conservatory. (evidently I missed the latest corpse blossom. Boo!)

Flew in late on Friday night. Dad missed his flight out, so I caught a ride with RS, hit the Tako Grill for sushi and ginger pork donburi (I need to find a recipe for that stuff, it's great), and headed back to Grandma's house with my Uncle C. Parts of DC are beautiful at night; here's hoping that I get to see Embassy Row in daylight before I leave.

Woke up, hit the Ranch House, and after milling about at Grandma's, headed out to collect ammos and weapons. I got to shoot for the first time! I'm pretty happy with how I did, need to keep from jerking slightly at the noise when I fire, and toughen up my hands. (I see climbing putty in my future.) But I got to fire off Grandpa's .22 revolver, Dad's Makarov, and RS's Glock. My only regret is that my wrists started aching, or I would have given the Glock another go, since Dad was rightly using up his ammunition with the Makarov, and the .22 revolver feels gummy. (I'm told that it's normal, but meh. Smoother trigger and less effort would be more fun. Maybe next time I'm out here, I'll get to use a rifle, just to see how that feels.)

Tried to discourage eldest cousin from comments regarding "shootin' em up" if they badmouth her. If you see this before I'm out of town, Uncle C, consider this me passing the word: careful 'bout that gun safe. Yeekedy. Otherwise I'll mention it on the tour this afternoon.

Anyway, we hit frozen custard, and then I needed to go decompress. Too many people, too little sleep. Finally got to the hotel, got a shower (hooray!), decompressed, went to meet up with M for burger dinner. We discussed The Atrocity Archives, time-keeping systems (I need to pick up the book he was talking about), and Neil Stephenson. Good conversation.

After that, we headed back to the hotel, and I called Scott. Glad to hear that you found Lady, sweet, hope you got some food into her. If all else fails, try tuna or wet food, few cats can resist that for long, especially if you keep her segregated from Misty and Anubis.

(for those not keeping score, Lady is our new cat. I'll write about it later.)
(hey, what's all this squishy stuff?)

It's my birfday! Not much celebrating; looks like that'll be put off until circumstances allow for it. Like ever year, this one was heralded by drama, panic, and lack of sleep. Thankfully, the lack of sleep wasn't me... Scott's taken up a part-time gig plowing parking lots at night. Here's hoping that there's no snow tonight.

Not surprisingly, I am vegging somewhat, since I don't have to be at class until two. This leaves me a nice margin to get out the door by. Yay!
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( Jan. 1st, 2006 05:07 pm)
This year seemed to go by really quickly.

I finished highschool in June, and immediately started trying to get a temp job. Somehow this ended up not happening until August, when I ended up working night shift in a call center at NWA. This lasted until mid-September. Then I ended up at Target for a few weeks, then doing data entry here and there, and ending things up with a stint at Comcast, in which I got tendonitis from entering too much text into too many fields in their system.

Scott and I got our own place, but it looks like it won't be for long; we'll be trying to get out of here as soon as is possible, since the rent is killing us. As far as first apartments go, it's a pretty nice one. Pity about not being allowed to have roommates. Phooey.

I decided in late November that I really need to get over my dislike of schools, and signed up for Normandale's spring semester. It starts in two weeks.

This year feels decidedly mediocre, although I guess I had fun with it. Next year, my goals include getting good grades, getting in shape, and finding a comfortable balance in terms of improving my mind, body, and spirit.

More immediate goals? I'd like to see my family out in Maryland, meet folks I haven't seen in years, and generally have a good time sometime after my birthday (hopefully on President's day).
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( Jun. 8th, 2005 11:46 am)
Despite getting a solid night of sleep, I spent most of yesterday in a depressive haze. It sunk in on Monday that I literally can't go any farther than a mile from home on my own... I gave my buscard to a homeless bum in a moment of sympathy, and have yet to be able to afford a new one. Being stuck in one place sucks... the walls start to close in. As a result, nothing gets done.

I had intended to muck out the hall closet, and do basic things like running the dishwasher and taking out the garbage. The only thing that got accomplished was me taking out the garbage, the dishwasher getting run right about before Dad got home, and some swimming (with screaming children... argh!), none of which helped to improve my mood. Hopefully I'll do better today.

This lacking money thing really bites. I really hope my high school hurries up and gives me my frikkin' diploma.

Woke up late again today to the festive sound of contractors pounding away on the deck outside. Joy.
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( Jun. 3rd, 2005 07:50 am)
How about that for a blast from the past?


I started googling my old high school about two months after it folded, getting nothing. But now there's a whole bunch of information up about just what happened to it. I wasted half a year there.


The esteemed director. Can't say I'm sad to see him end up where he deserves to be going. Ugh. If it hadn't been for him, I probably would have graduated last year.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2005 12:34 pm)
I'm going to graduate.

Today is the last day of classes, which means that I'm wrapping up the last few tasks left in each class. Almost every assignment is in to the classes. All of the classes are giving me pretty good grades.

These are the last credits I have left. I'll be getting my diploma from Edina, once the grades are sent.

I don't quite know how I feel about all of this. I'm done with high school forever. I guess I'll have to go find a job now. Or start applying to college.

The mind boggles.


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