In the name of those we have lost,
In the name of those we've found,
I raise a glass and celebrate,
What has been and what will come.

From fires on the mountains,
To fires in the deep,
The wide and broken heartache,
And the drunken joy of love.
I salute the ones still living,
And those who lost the fight.

To those whose hearts are beating,
To those that still draw breath.
To all of us still fighting,
And all of us in arms.

To teachers, friends, and enemies,
To lovers bright and dark.
From the howling voice of madness,
And the solitary Word,
From the steady voice of Mercy,
And the joy that I still bear.

For the pain and for the love,
For the lost and those forgotten,
The whole and those still broken,
And everything between.

Lift your cup and give them mercy,
Take no comfort in despair.
From the darkest pit of heaven,
To the fires deep in hell,
I urge no easy quarter,
Or surrender to the night.

To those who are inspired,
And those in aching loss,
Stand tall and know this dictum:
No surrender, hold the line!
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