Back from Washington State. Off to work shortly.

Few high points while my hair dries.

Hit Seattle last Wednesday and hung out with Izali for the evening and the next day, getting my hair dyed (dark blue streaks) and grabbing dinner with a coworker. Ended up having to call my bank and get the anti-fraud hold canceled on my card; broke in my Wesco's after two years.

Friday, I caught Amtrak south to Portland, then east to Pasco, arriving in the Tri Cities around ten in the evening. The next two days were spent going wine tasting, playing Katamari, shooting, kayaking, and eating very hot curry, among other things.

After spending ten hours on Amtrak on Friday, I decided to rent a car, and drove back to Seattle on Monday. This turned out to be a lot more scenic; I got back to Seattle mid-afternoon, dropped the car at the airport, then headed back to Izali's to help make banana bread and to play more Katamari.

Spent part of yesterday on a shopping trip through downtown Seattle with Izali, got gifts, books, other stuff. Ate pate. Very tasty.

Ended up trading my Swiss Army suitcase for a massive carpetbag to fit everything.

Many thanks to Izali, Kuzman, and Jovan for playing host to me; had a great time.
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