They wrote the laws by firelight,
(Or flickering lightbulb, and not of old),
Trite verse to guide the covens on.
(They wrote the laws by candlelight,
Scented, patchouli, five a dozen.)

First to know (and oh, I can know),
Second to will (and oh, I will),
And third to dare (and so I shall),
The last - be silent (and I will not).

You said be silent, I said - alright.
(Turn over, dear, snuff the candle out)
You said - don't be willful - and I was not.
(Move over, dear, move over, make room)
You said be bold - but not too bold.
(Lock the door, turn the rusty bolt)
And you said, be silent, and I said "fuck you, I won't."
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